Videos – Here you can find a selection of Tiger Funk’s previous projects (some of which go under former business names: McKeen Media and Clear-Cut Productions).

From Music videos to short instructional videos to testimonials and even reality/documentary shows! Tiger Funk can produce almost anything you might need for original content.

BeefStu @ D Acres Farm Concert Series – See the Blog for more info!

Original Intro written for Shakedown Treats YouTube Show

A Minute With Bob from Friends of the Portland Community Free Clinic

A Special Interview from the “Lost Episodes” of Season 2 Shakedown Treats

A heartfelt explanation of why the Portland Community Free Clinic is needed.

The first episode of Shakedown Treats YouTube Show

The impact of the Portland Community Free Clinic has been significant,
as their patients will tell you.

A quick piece for Pleasant Hill Disc Golf in Scarborough Maine

A music video for the song Sunday by Do Driver

An honest testimonial from several Priority Learning Clients.

A music video for the song Millipede by Crisis at the Wax Museum

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