– I, Mike McKeen, was born and raised in Portland, Maine. Graduated from Temple University in 2010 with a Bachelors degree in Broadcasting Telecommunications and Mass Media. Moved back to Maine in 2011, and opened up McKeen Media Management in early 2013.

I mainly focused on audio and video production, and media marketing at Temple. I opened up McKeen Media Management because I believe that digital marketing and social media are very powerful marketing tools that many businesses haven’t been using to their full advantage, many think you need a large budget to create content and properly manage an online media presence, but this is not true.

Starting in 2016, I changed the name of McKeen Media Management to Tiger Funk Productions and Media Management.

Our Mission here at Tiger Funk Productions and Media Management is to promote your business with original and insightful content that is affordable and catered to online marketing platforms to help grow your audience and increase your business.

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