Quick Tips 2 – Creating video’s from your phone!!


Hey Folks! Hope you are having a wonderful early spring day as temperatures here in Portland Maine finally become tolerable! So tolerable in fact I have ben lucky to get out on a few bike rides already. In the effort to continue my quick tips of the week I decided that I would make a mock video for an example of how to stitch together your own short video using nothing but your phone!! Watch the 3 minute video, then check out some more details below!




So first things first, obviously this video wasn’t very informative for Tax Extensions, but it was a very basic example of how you could possibly format a video of your own. Let’s go over the simple things I did that would be beneficial for your informational or promotional video.


  1. Who are you? What business do you represent? ALWAYS make sure to tell your audience important identifying information so they can find you later on, even if your video is hosted on your site, it’s important to at least let your audience know what the business is and what your are selling. In this case, I was me, with Tiger Funk Productions, showing you some pretty basic information on how to file a tax extension.
  2. Go over the finer points of your message. Share the information in a way your audience can relate and understand. Try to keep it brief, as the longer the video, the more likely the viewer is to “bounce out” aka stop watching.
  3. Try to change the scenery a bit, if you are going to have multiple takes it might help to change the background, even a little, it firstly gives something visual to keep the viewer interested, and also its a great way to add humor of relevance to your message. Having the second take of my video at the mail box was a natural next step, but it also changed the scenery of my video.
  4. Wrap it up with why the information you have shared is helpful, and what the viewer can do with it, for my example I chose instead to show you how to cut the rest of the video I took together, as my alternative was giving you information on tax extensions, which isn’t really the point. With any luck you now know at least how simple it can be to make your own video, as for the content you fill it with, that’s a whole other story!
  5. Use a program that suites you, I happened to find several free apps on the Google Play store which worked quite well, but like I said in the video, read the reviews and see what you can accomplish for free before you spend money on an app, and make sure you can trust the app’s company!

Remember that if you are in business there’s a good chance you have some good information to share, sharing that information helps you look like an expert in your field, and will help people remember you when it comes time to need those services, especially if they are intricate and complicated – like Tax Accountants – so the more you show that you know, the better you look in prospective clients eyes.