Welcome! Select some videos and chill for a while! This page has video production projects for you to check out. They are great examples of videos I can make for bands or organizations putting on Music and other entertainment. Check out our Videos page for other kinds of examples of video production projects Tiger Funk can do. Tiger Funk has been asked to record a LOT of music. Sometimes we aren’t always provided proper audio plug-ins for the board. When this happens we are prepared with multiple pick-up mics that can capture your stage well. This is a great way to create content for you band or music project.

Tiger Funk Productions is partnered with Zebralove Web Solutions. Visit them for other digital marketing services like custom web development and design, SEO services, web hosting, paid promotions, and more. Contact Zebralove to get a custom website, and Tiger Funk to make audio or video content for your site!

Video Production and content creation

Video Production

Video production from Tiger Funk is a great way to make content for your small business or music project. Having done several music videos and also multiple kinds of short content creations, we’re confident we can create useful content for you. Contact us to learn how we can help you. Fill in our contact form with a description of what you’re looking for. Have us build content from scratch. Alternatively, you can send us content you’ve already made and we can edit it and add branding. Contact us to get started.