Pro Services

Our services provide you with marketable content for your businesses digital presence. This content ranges from Audio/Video for social media and your website to written pieces for your blog. All of this content works toward improving your website’s SEO as well as your social media reach.

Our Video Production services include: Training and “on-boarding” videos, Instructional or content-driven YouTube videos, or even short advertisements or information sharing videos. Video is one of the best methods of grabbing attention online and having at least a few videos can go a long way toward your marketability and digital presence. Our services work with you to find the right type of video and message to send to your potential customers.

We also provide short Written Content service for your website to help boost your SEO value and create new original content that provides useful information to your current and potential customers or clients. This content is usually best paired with your additions to ensure it comes across as genuine. It takes a lot of time and effort to write consistent content; this saves most of that effort for you by providing you with a well-researched foundation to add a bit of detail too, then publish on your own site as your content.

Our Audio Production service includes Podcast Production as well as Live Event production/streaming/recording, and Radio/audio advertising. Our PA system is great for Public Speaking, Small bands, and small private functions of 25-50 people, for larger events we work with Max-Sound Productions, who can provide a sound system for larger audiences. But we specialize in more than just events, and can bring a mobile recording solution to your location for special projects.

Our Social Media Management service has been particularly popular for smaller businesses who don’t want to or can’t afford to hire an in-house marketing professional. Our expertise is in marketing in today’s digital marketplaces and can help you reach your audience either with consultation or strategy building sessions or with our full-on content creation and media management service, which works with you on what content to create and how to deliver it to your current and potential customers. Our service includes publishing on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. We also coach and consult on proper Social Media tactics for those platforms plus Instagram and Pinterest and most other social platforms you might be interested in creating a business presence.

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